Dr Oz: Standing On Your Toes Gives You Energy, Oolong Tea & CoQ10

Dr Oz: Energy Boosters

Dr Oz played a game called the $500 Health Drop to teach us tips for how to stay alert and motivated.  Doctor Oz gave two ladies, Tracy and Sandra, $500 broken up into five stacks.  For each multiple choice question, they had to place the money on the answer that they thought was correct.  They also had the choice to split up the money and to place each of the five stacks on different answers.  Here are the questions and answers about Energy Boosters… and in case you are curious, the two ladies walked away with $300!

Dr Oz: Coenzyme Q10 Energy Booster

Dr Oz’s first question was which supplement is a better Energy Booster: Valerian Root,Dr Oz Coenzyme Q10Vitamin A or Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10)?  The answer is that CoQ10 is better at giving you extra energy.  Here are two more segments that talk about the importance of this supplement: Dr Oz: 5 Supplements Every Woman Over 50 Needs and Dr Oz: Power Surgers & Energy Boosters.  Plus for those of you who have not heard of Valerian Root, definitely check this out: Dr Oz Valerian Root Tea.

Dr Oz: Oolong Tea Boosts Energy

Doctor Oz’s second question was which tea helps to keep you alert throughout the day: Cinnamon Tea, Hibiscus Tea or Oolong Tea?  The answer is Oolong Tea, which is also a great tea for weight loss (click here to read more about how it helps you to lose weight: Dr Oz Oolong Tea).

Dr Oz: Standing On Your Toes Boosts Energy

Dr Oz’s final question was which activity helps to give you a burst of energy: standing on your toes, making a fist or rubbing your temples?  The answer is that standing on your toes gives you energy because it make you generate a greater blood flow.

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