Dr Oz: Andrew Weil Palm Reflexology Reduces Stress & 4-7-8 Rule


Dr Oz: Stress is #1 Threat to Your Health

Dr. Oz is talking to Dr. Andrew Weil on his show today. Dr. Weil is probably the most well known provider of integrative medicine and today he is sharing what essentials he has in his own home that he believes you should have in yours as well. Dr. Weil’s 5 Essentials You Need Now may include something you already have in your home or maybe you will hear about some new ways to improve your health and live longer. Dr Weil has already shared the essential that millions of women are lacking as well as the surprising one for digestion problems, but he still has a few more, so sharpen your pencil and get ready to add few items to your shopping list.

Dr Andrew Weil: How To Protect Memory

Dr. Weil, What is the best way to protect my memory? Dr. Weil says the best way to protect your memory is with something called Alpha-Lipoic Acid. He says to begin with 100 milligrams per day and work up to 400. It will improve cognitive function and keep your memory sharp as a tack.

Dr. Weil’s Essential for Stress Relief

Dr Oz: Andrew Weil Palm Reflexology Reduces Stress & 4-7-8 Rule

Dr. Weil says one minute of Palm Acupressure can reduce stress that is having a huge impact on your life.

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