Dr Oz: CoQ10 Review – Supplement Slows Aging & Sam-E Vs St John’s Wort


Dr Oz: Sam-E Vs St John’s Wort

Imagine having the best integrative medicine doctor sharing his most essential must-haves to improve your health and general health. Well that is exactly what you get today because Dr. Andrew Weil is visiting the Dr. Oz show and he has come with some of his best advice. Dr. Weil’s 5 Essentials You Need Now has already included something that millions of us are lacking in our bodies as well as a surprising recommendation for digestion issues. Dr. Weil has also shared the best way to reduce stress and a few raw food rules that you need to follow, but there is still one more important essential that we all need in our lives according to Dr. Weil.

Dr Oz: Andrew Weil Sam-E Review

Dr Oz: CoQ10 Review - Supplement Slows Aging & Sam-E Vs St John's Wort

Dr. Weil’s Essential to slow aging is CoQ10. He recommends taking a CoQ10 supplement every single day for better heart and brain function.

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