Dr Oz: Do You Need Antibiotics If You Have Green Snot? Dr Oz’s Myths!


Dr Oz Health Myths

It has been very eye opening to see Five Diet Myths Busted on the Dr. Oz show today. Through animations and scientific experiments, he has busted some of the biggest diet myths around and some of the results just might surprise you. Do you think it is true that a slow metabolism will keep you from losing weight or that drinking more coffee can help you to lose more weight? Well, Doctor Oz’s answers are very revealing and may just change the way you diet from now on. He tackled one of the biggest diet myths which is that weight gain is not inevitable as we get older. There was even a fun little pop quiz to see how well you know how to treat some simple problems right at home. Aside from myths that pertain to dieting, there are also many general health myths that many of you probably believe to be true. Dr. Oz, as well as many other doctors, admits to believing a few of them are true, even recommending them to their own patients and family members.

Dr Oz: 50 Shades of Green Snot Rainbow

Dr. Oz says there is a shocking health myth that even he believes to be true, but what’s worse is that it is also one of the most dangerous myths around. That myth is that when your snot is green you need antibiotics to get well. Is that a rule that your personal physician follows? Do you personally believe it to be true? Many of the members of Dr. Oz’s studio audience believe that this is actually true, but in reality it is actually a myth. He says there are two reasons it is a myth and with the help of an audience member and a few visual aids, what he calls his 50 Shades of Green Snot Rainbow, Dr. Oz explains those reasons. He says that as your snot is changing color it is actually a sign that the body is breaking down the bacteria. This process causes the snot to go through several different shades of green and by the time the doctor has prescribed you an antibiotic you are already healing. The second, more important reason that this is a myth according to Dr. Oz, is that in most cases an antibiotic won’t cure a cold or a sinus infection, making them totally unnecessary. Our bodies are actually filled with a lot of good bacteria, but when they are misused, the antibiotics will actually kill them. As the antibiotics kill the good bacteria, it leaves room for your cells to be vulnerable to the bad bacteria, which means you are breathing in super germs and this can cause a problem for everyone around you. Dr. Oz recommends that if you see green snot to just let it go and allow your body to work on its own because antibiotics simply are not necessary.

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