Dr Oz: Lazy Girl’s Guide to Getting Healthy, Heart Disease & Toe Test


Dr Oz: Lazy Girl’s Guide

Dr. Oz spent the first half of today’s show with the Hungry Girl Lisa Lillien as she has been sharing details of her plan so you can Eat Twice as Much and Lose 5 Pounds. The best part might be that it is even possible during the holidays if you follow Lisa’s simple guidelines and add her favorite expander foods to your favorite recipes. Speaking of recipes, she even shared some her favorites, from meaty dishes to comforting carb meals, there is something for everyone to love. There is even a way to splurge a little and that secret expander ingredient just might surprise you. Now he’s making life even easier with his Lazy Girl’s Guide to health.

Dr Oz: Lazy Girl Health Shortcuts

Doctor Oz says today’s show has been about shortcuts because so many people want to know what is the least they need to do to get healthy. Not only can you take shortcuts with the way you eat to lose weight, but there are also ways to make little effort when it comes to exercise and other everyday tasks.

Dr Oz: Test for Poor Circulation

An audience member shared with Dr. Oz that her least favorite thing to do is go to the doctor for her annual exam. She complains that it just takes up too much time and she has so many others things to do instead. While Dr. Oz says there is no real substitute for a thorough examination, there are some self-tests you can do right at home to take care of yourself.

Dr Oz: Fingernail Diamond Test

Dr Oz: Lazy Girl's Guide to Getting Healthy Test for Heart Disease

Dr. Oz says that while there is no substitute for a thorough medical exam, there are some shortcuts you can take as he shares his Lazy Girl’s Guide to Getting Healthy.

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