Dr Oz: Magnolia Bark Sleep Aid & Can Lack of Sleep Be Dangerous?


Dr Oz: Lack of Sleep

Not getting a good night of sleep can one of the biggest stresses in your life. It can leave you physically and emotionally exhausted, causing you to lose focus and little things like sitting in traffic could easily set you off. Sleep is super important to your overall health and a lack of good rest can lead to health problems like obesity, diabetes, and high blood pressure. Are you tossing and turning or is your spouse snoring and keeping you away? Two out of three women say they do not get enough sleep. Many women just think it is part of having a busy stressful life and simply feel they don’t have enough time to sleep because they have so much going on in their life.

Doctor Oz: Can Lack of Sleep Be Dangerous?

Dr Oz: Magnolia Bark Sleep Aid & Can Lack of Sleep Be Dangerous?

Dr Oz & Dr Michael Breus discussed whether lack of sleep is dangerous & ways to get a better night’s rest, like Magnolia Bark sleep aid.


  1. Alan Kaul says

    There are too many brands to choose from and many
    are not in the 30 mg dose recommended. How should
    I choose a safe, effective brand of Magnolia Bark?

  2. says

    Dr. Breus states, “Magnolia Bark can be taken nightly and is ideal in a 30 mg dose and can be taken up to six weeks at a time.” Questions: 1. After taking Magnolia Bark for six weeks, how long does one have to wait before taking another dose of MB? 2. After a six week dose, is it safe to take another six week dose?

  3. Shannon says

    I have shopped the Magnolia bark sections in stores and they all start at 300mg. Are you sure that Dr. Oz’s staff didn’t make a mistake at how much was recommended?

  4. says

    I’m wondering that too, because I noticed the same thing. The Magnolia Bark supplements seem to be around 300 mg, but he definitely said 30 mg on the show. I don’t know what is right, but I’d love to hear what other people think about this.

  5. says

    My husband snored alot and very loud every night .And he was always tied and sleepy thought out the day i took him to a doctor and the doctor tested him with a sleep test twises the doctor put him on a sleep cpap pillows machine he told him he had sleep apnna Can i put him on the MB and nose strips and stop the cpap maichine and see if it will help him .The cpap machine is a pain some times it comes off, or he takes it off with out him knowing that he dose


    My daughter would like to try using Magnolia Bark to help shut her brain down at night so she can sleep. She currently is dealing with mono, this is the second time, and is off work because of it. Her job requires 12 hour shifts and it is litterly causing many issues. Would this be a good thing to do for her? She also deals with fibromyaligia and an extra vertabrae, inherited from her father. She has dealt with this issues for over 20 years. She prefers using natural items and not focus so much on prescription drugs. She does take celibrex and nexium but not as the prescription directs. Once again because she does not like taking prescriptions drugs. What is your take on magnolia bark and the dosage of 30 mg, suggested by Dr. Oz, versus what the dosage in the bark itself?

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