Dr Oz: Progressive Muscle Relaxation, Valerian Root & Stress Mantras


Dr Oz: Stress Relief Techniques

Now that you have taken Dr. Oz’s Tame Your Temper Quiz and and added up your points, Dr. Oz has some help: What’s Your Boiling Point? Tips to Tame Your Temper. Are you the kind of person who gets angry in nearly every situation or are you pretty calm most of the time? Well, either way Dr. Oz has some advice to help you keep your cool and maybe even prevent future stress from occurring. Earlier in the show, he had an interesting conversation with the man behind the newest diet craze Sensa. Dr Alan Hirsch explained how Sensa works along with some results that may surprise you because they certainly surprised Dr. Oz’s other guests.

Dr Oz: Valerian Root

Dr Oz: Progressive Muscle Relaxation, Valerian Root & Stress Mantras

Dr. Charles Sophy says that taking a Valerian Root supplement will help you to feel calmer from the inside out leading to less stress and anger in your life.

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