Dr Oz: Arsenic Rice, Bubonic Plague, Genetic Disorder Tests for Cancer


Dr Oz October 2 2012

Get ready for a day of breaking news and huge medical stories you’ve been hearing about, from arsenic in rice to fat shaming, coming to Dr Oz October 2 2012.  The return of the Bubonic Plagues and Whooping Cough to fat shaming anti-obesity ads to a morning after pill school controversy, Dr Oz will cover all of this and more.  I personally am looking forward to the latest Genetic Disorder Tests that he will speak about. This all new episode is ripped from the headlines, with consultations from some of TV’s foremost doctors from your favorite news sources. Have you heard about the Arsenic levels in rice? Get ready for the experts to weigh in on what you need to know to stay safe and keep your diet healthy.



  1. JoCarole says

    I find the arsenic in rice problem very distressing. I cannot eat gluten. So rice based foods have been a big part of my diet. I have spent a lot of money buying rice flours and a lot of time in looking for rice based recipes for my love of breads and pasta. Now I have to start all over again looking for non-rice recipes. I have researched this a bit and found out there is a difference in non-organic and organic arsenics. There are two types of arsenic in our water supply which is arsenic 5 and 3. 3 is harder to remove with a water filter than 5, depends on your local water also. The FDA has set limits for arsenic in water but nothing but nothing for food and of course no studies to learn from. I now will limit myself to two rice wraps a week, which I cannot do without. I read that Ca arsenic levels are lower due to their soil. Good luck to all of you celiacs (including me)

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