Dr Oz Fountain of Youth: David Agus vs Chris Kilham The Medicine Man


Dr Oz October 23 2012 – the Fountain of Youth

Dr Oz is putting the Modern Medicine Man, David Agus, up against The Medicine Man Chris Kilham on October 23, 2012. Dr. Oz will sit down with David Agus and Chris Kilham, two of the most controversial leaders of modern medicine to discuss progress being made in the area of holistic health. They have very different opinions on what approach is the best when it comes to our health, but who’s right? Have either of them discovered the fountain of youth? Tune in to find out and visit wellbuzz.com for a full recap of everything they discuss on the show. Also, they will be sharing anti-aging secrets and talking about ways to help you live longer. Do either of them have the answer to improving our longevity?


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    Thanks for the post—just a note though: Chris Kilham is “The Medicine Hunter” not “The Medicine Man”. Please check your The Dr. Oz Show copy and make corrections. Important to get his name right and for google searches, et al. This will be a great show! I wasn’t at the shoot but I heard it went really well. Enjoy : )

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