Dr Oz October 10 2012: Rick Springfield Suicide & Ibuprofen Risks


Dr Oz October 10 2012 Preview

Dr Oz October 10 2012: Rick Springfield Suicide & Ibuprofen Risks

Dr Oz October 10 2012 will explore the Rick Springfield suicide attempt and depression battle; warnings about acetaminophen and ibuprofen.

Dr Oz Fans Update: The episode has aired, and now you can read the recaps right here:

Rick Springfield shot to superstardom in the 1980s with the hit song “Jessie’s Girl.” While rock and roll success is envied and idolized, it’s not always as fun as it looks to be at the top. Now Rick Springfield is telling his story to Dr Oz October 10 2012, and you probably had no idea how dark his life became.



  1. do says

    Thanks so much Pat Howard .
    I take a prescription for arthritis and tylenol for pain.
    I have every symptom listed including the ringing.
    I can’t hear the ticking of my clocks anymore either.
    Who would have ever thought.

  2. Sally Pollock says

    Regarding ibuprofen……I was on 800 mg ibuprofen 3x day for over 15 years…..now I take 1-2 a day. I have not had hearing loss so far. ……should I be worried ??

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