Dr Oz Turbo Charge Your Metabolism: Instant Results for Your Body Type


Dr Oz November 5 2012 Preview

Body Type Affects Metabolism

Dr. Oz says that your body shape affects the way your metabolism works. Whether you are an apple, a pear, or fat all over, he has a plan to boost your metabolism.

Dr Oz Fans Update: Check out the segments from this episode.

One of the wonderful things about people is that we all come in many different shapes and sizes. When it comes to burning calories and melting away fat, did you know that your particular body shape may actually make a difference? Dr. Oz says there are actually ways you can Turbo Charge Your Metabolism for your Body Type. He is going to unlock the secret to boosting your metabolism regardless of the shape of your body.

Dr Oz: Body Shape Determines Metabolism?

Whether you consider yourself an apple, a pear, or have fat all over he says that there is a way you can immediately increase your metabolism and burn more fat today. Doctor Oz says there are foods you can eat that will enable you to burn calories 24/7 and he has a customized plan for you to follow for your particular body shape. He promises if you follow the plan you will burn calories faster and effortlessly.

Dr Oz: Apple Vs Pear Body Type

Are you an apple? Or a pear? Or do you feel like your body shape is in a different category all together? Are you feeling frustrated because you can’t seem to burn calories and lose weight even though you feel like you are doing all the right things?

Dr Oz: Metabolism Body Type Plans

Dr. Oz will carefully outline plans for every body type and give you immediate steps you can take to give a big boost to your metabolism. I don’t know about you, but if there is a plan to burn calories faster that best suits the exact shape of my body, I want to know about it. We all have such busy lives, so to be able to maximize every minute, including the rate at which we burn calories and ideally lose weight, is super important to so many of us. I can’t wait to hear Dr. Oz’s secret plan for all of us.

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