Dr Oz Ultimate Shopping List: The Only List You’ll Ever Need


Dr Oz Ultimate Shopping List November 2 2012

Dr Oz Fans Update: Here are the segments from this episode

Have you ever wished you could spend a day with Dr. Oz or just take him with you to the grocery store or maybe the drugstore so he could show you exactly what you should be buying? I know I have, but since he can’t physically go with me, I’m thrilled to see he is going to share the Dr Oz Ultimate Shopping List, The Only List You Will Ever Need. From what to buy at the grocery store, to everything you should be putting in your cart at the drugstore and department store, Doctor Oz is giving you a shopping list to bring with you every time you shop.


  1. Mark Baugh says

    Where can I get the Dr Oz ultimate shopping lists? Groceries, pharmacies, etc etc.
    Thank you, Mark

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