Dr Oz’s 3-Day Detox Plan to Jumpstart Your Metabolism & Burn Fat Fast


Dr Oz November 12 2012

Dr Oz Fans Update: Below are links to the segments from this episode and don’t forget to print out this 3 Day Detox Cleanse Cheat Sheet to put up on your fridge:

Dr Oz's 3-Day Detox Plan to Jumpstart Your Metabolism & Burn Fat Fast

Dr. Oz says there is a way to jumpstart your metabolism with his 3-day Detox Plan!


  1. Janice Blackstone says

    This aired a day or two ago. Dr.Oz said the smoothie recipes and the shopping list would be on his website.

  2. Vida Hoffe says

    Would like to get the info on the 3 day detox shakes ….shopping list and other info on the show..thanks Dr. Oz

  3. Janice Blacksone says

    Where do you find all this stuff for $16? The raspberries and blueberries cost $12, lemons and limes $3, mangoes $3. Flaxseed, almond butter and coconut oil do not come by the tablespoon, so you have buy the whole jar. Stevia (the smallest size) cost $11.50.

    Unless you have a lot of these items lying around the house, this is an expensive venture. I spent $96 and would have gone over $100 but I refuse to pay $15 for almond butter.

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