Chris Kilham’s Garden of Youth & Medicine Man Chanting on Dr Oz Show


Dr Oz October 23 2012

Dr Oz had two pioneers in the field of alternative medicine on his show today, each with their own ideas for finding the Fountain of Youth. Dr. David Agus and Medicine Man Chris Kilham both shared important steps to take toward living longer healthier lives.

Chris Kilham's Garden of Youth & Medicine Man Chanting on Dr Oz Show

Chris Kilham’s Garden of Youth was discussed on the Dr Oz Show, along with a special Chris Kilham Chanting that was truly magnificent!

Dr Oz: Do Antioxidants Cause Cancer?

The very controversial Dr. David Agus offered the alarming theory that antioxidants in pill form can actually cause more harm than good to our health. He and Dr. Oz discussed free radicals as well as the government and their opinion regarding calcium and vitamin D supplements.

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