Dr Oz: 3 Step Diet Plan, Cinnamon Extract Water & Cancer Fighter Foods


Dr Oz Highlights: Cinnamon Extract Water & Diet Advice

Food is a major key to health, and that’s a recurring theme we are hearing from Dr Oz and his guests this season. Find out how foods can factor into your health with diet advice from many different angles. This week’s shows talked about cancer fighter foods, metabolism weight loss, and how cinnamon extract water can regulate blood sugar. Read on for great food ideas from Dr Oz and friends.

Dr Oz: Mark MacDonald 3-Step Diet Plan & Cinnamon Extract Water Dosage

Dr Oz talked with diet expert Mark MacDonald about his revolutionary three step process to change your diet trajectory by focusing on regulating your blood sugar. This plan isn’t just for diabetics, and it’s also a great way to eat what you want in a healthy way. Don’t deprive yourself. Find out why Cinnamon Extract Water might be the missing ingredient.


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