Dr Oz: Azelaic Acid for Age Spots & 50’s Prevention Guide


Dr Oz: 50’s Prevention Guide

Dr Oz’s Show on August 10, 2011 featured a 50’s Prevention Guide.  If you are in your 50’s, this is a show that you absolutely cannot miss!  Doctor Oz covered topics including Menopause, Cancer, Heart Disease and Exhaustion.  If you missed the show, you can read a full recap of what he said about these subjects here: Dr Oz’s 50’s Prevention Guide.  Dr Oz also did a segment on three ingredients that work wonders on the skin of people in their 50’s.  The three secret ingredients were Argireline, Azelaic Acid and Alpha Hydroxy Acid.    Azelaic Acid is great for treating age spots, because it inhibits Melanin which is what causes the pigment that we call age spots.  Alpha Hydroxy Acid is the ingredient that exfoliates your skin and can boost your collagen to prevent scaly skin.  And the final mystery ingredient was Argireline, which is great for getting rid of crows feet, just make sure you look for a product that contains 5-10% Argireline.

Dr Oz: 50’s Supplements

Dr Oz also did a segment on 5 Supplements Every Woman Over 50 Needs.  Among the Dr Oz 50's Prevention Guidesupplements were Coenzyme Q10 or CoQ10 for energy, Chia Seeds for weight loss, Turmeric for Alzheimer’s Disease, a multivitamin for chronic disease and a Calcium Cocktail (calcium, magnesium and vitamin D) for strong bones.  Among these supplements, the one that intrigues me the most is Chia Seeds (though I am really not sure how these can be considered a supplement!).  Chia Seeds are rich in fiber and omega 3’s, which is great for anyone trying to lose weight.  You can try sprinkling Chia Seeds on yogurt or other food, or you can even try making a recipe like this one for Chia Seed Pudding!



  1. Christa Grant says

    A few days ago during a question and answer game and you said that chia seeds do not help weight loss. On the Aug. 10th show about people in the 50’s, you said to eat Chia seeds for weight loss. I am very disappointed at this inconsistency. I love your show and always learn a lot, but please, what are the facts on chia seeds? Christa Grant, PhD

  2. M josephine says

    I was watching your show yesterday Aug 10. and i am very interested in the cream for age spots only i would like to know the name of the cream? this would really help us with dark spots.

  3. margaret lynch says

    Where do you buy Azelaic Acid and Argireline Meladerm ? I tried vitamin stores and herb
    stores but no one have it. Is there any place I can purchase by mail order?

  4. margaret lynch says

    I tried to find the place to purchase Azelaic acid Argireline . Neither Vitamin store nor Herb store have them. Is there any place I can purchase by mail order ? Thank you

  5. margaret lynch says

    I like to purchase the Saffron Extract and Red Mineral Algae but the store I went told me that they do not have those things. Could you tell me where I can get them?

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