Dr Oz: How to Prevent Boob Sweat & Sweet Smelling Urine Diabetes


Dr Oz November 9 2012 Recap

Today’s Dr. Oz show was filled with all of those most embarrassing and awkward questions that you were dying to ask, but were always too afraid. It was the kind of show that might leave you feeling less alone, especially if he addressed an issues that you have always been concerned about. On That’s Awkward: Questions you would never ask your Doctor, Doctor Oz talked about some of the most uncomfortable topics, from what color your poop should be to what your urine should smell like, he armed you with solutions to some of your biggest concerns like what to do for an itchy butt. Many brave viewers even shared their awkward stories from a potty training embarrassment to coming down with Chicken Pox while on a visit with friends along with a woman who had a bit of a mishap with the toilet paper on an airplane.

Dr Oz: How To Prevent Boob Sweat & Witch Hazel Itchy Butt Remedy

Imagine the embarrassment of always having an itchy butt or how awkward it would be to constantly have bruises on your neck that look like hickeys. Dr. Oz has the solution for these awkward problems as well as a way to prevent boob sweat from underneath your breasts.

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