Dr Oz: Lose 5 Lbs During the Holidays – Eat Soup & Splurge with Cake


Dr Oz Recap November 14 2012

Today’s Dr. Oz show has been packed with ways to make your life a little easier in such areas as eating healthier, losing weight, taking care of your health, and even with when you order takeout for dinner. Doctor Oz and his guest shared helpful information, including Lisa Lillien who gave some wonderful tips to help you Eat Twice as Much and Lose 5 Pounds. Lisa says it is even possible this very month with holidays coming and temptation everywhere you turn. She has a special trick she calls food expanding, so you will eat more food, but consume less calories. She also a replacement meal that you will love and some sinful splurge foods to sink your teeth into. Dr. Oz also catered to the lazy girls out there, the girls who want more results without a lot of effort. From the medical appointments and tests you may or may not need to ordering takeout for your family, he has you covered no matter what has you feeling lazy.

Dr Oz: Lose 5 Lbs This Month

Dr Oz: Lose 5 Lbs During the Holidays - Eat Soup & Splurge with Cake

Along with several of his fans, Dr. Oz shared what his Last Supper would be if he were pick a meal for the night before a diet. It included ribs, french fries, and ice cream.

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