Dr Oz Microwave Muffin, Fat Flushing Tea & 5 Minute Deep Freeze


Dr Oz: March 20, 2012

The Dr Oz Show on March 20, 2012 is a repeat from last month, but it is well worth a second watch (or a first watch if you missed it the first time around!).  The topics he covered include a 4-Hour Body Book Review, a Fat Flushing Tea, a Maca Root Boost, Jorge Cruise’s Microwave Muffin Recipe and 300 Calorie Breakfast Recipes.

Dr Oz: Microwave Muffin Recipe

Jorge Cruise shared his Microwave Muffin Recipewith Dr Oz, which is a fascinating recipe because you literally can make a healthy muffin in under one minute.


  1. Deborah says

    Re: Microwave Muffins

    Sorry Dr. Oz, but yuck !!! This recipe is terrible !!! Still love ya though.

  2. Wanda Ortuno says

    Dr. Oz, I’m not pregnant but I have mornings sickness every single morning, please help me, thank you very much. Wanda

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