Dr Oz: Sensa Diet Plan, Tame Your Temper & Store Vodka in the Freezer


Dr Oz Recap November 16 2012

Dr. Oz’s show today was a blend of how to get your temper under control and the newest weight loss cross that is sweeping across America. That craze is known as the Sensa diet plan, and it brought about a lot of questions and concerns from Dr. Oz and his expert guests. None of them are truly convinced that it works, but many who have tried it say it it amazing and helped them lose weight where other products had failed. Dr. Oz asked everyone to take his tame your temper quiz to see just how angry they get in different scenarios. What would your score be and what can you do to prevent anger in the future?

Dr Oz Sensa Diet Plan Review: How Much Does Sensa Cost?

Dr. Oz invited the creator of the Sensa diet plan to his show for a conversation about this new weight loss program that seems to be sweeping the nation. They talked about how much it costs and how it works by adjusting your hunger based on your senses of taste and smell. Do you believe it could really work to help people lose weight or it just a waste of money?

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