Dr Oz: Shocking Secrets Your Spouse Keeps: July 29 2011


Dr Oz: Husband’s Secrets July 29 2011

Dr Oz’s show on July 29, 2011 is called “Shocking Secrets Your Spouse Keeps.”  Some of these secrets did not come as a surprise to me. The more shocking (and frankly, offensive) men’s secrets on the Doctor Oz show were that 41% of men admit to reading through their partner’s e-mails or phone, and that 56% of men think that they are smarter than their wives.  There is something extremely offensive to me about anyone reading through another person’s emails or phone messages in secret.  That being said, my husband and I both have each others e-mail accounts downloaded directly onto our phones, but we are both aware of that.  Frankly, I tell my husband everything anyway, and he does the same, so it is just easier to get one another’s emails directly onto our phones than to constantly be forwarding messages to each other.  However, I can totally understand if some people prefer to have some privacy and do not want to share every single e-mail that comes through with their spouse.  But if you or your spouse are secretly reading e-mails, I think this is a very bad sign.  What do you think?  Leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

Dr Oz: Metatarsal Pads For High Heels

Doctor Oz also did a segment on High Heel Pain & Night Sweats.  In order to have men better understand what their Dr Oz High Heel Painwives go through, Dr Oz had one man wear a Night Sweat Suit to simulate what his wife feels like when she has Night Sweats.  And Dr Oz had another man wear high heels to feel the pain of uncomfortable shoes that we all too often wear.  He suggested that men give their wives massages when they have Night Sweats, and that women try inserting Metatarsal Pads into their shoes to cope with High Heel Pain.


  1. Michaell says

    In my experience in approximate 20 years in U.S.A. I bealive that the men in U.S. are citing less than ladies. Most of the women are all the time on HUNTING. NO scruples – NO matter if they are married or children are involve …….that is the culture……

  2. Angel Sanchez says

    Hi! Please can I get my Dr.Oz’s emails in Spanish, because many of may friends wants to read and they dont speak English, or, if you could send me the Dr. Oz emails in Spanish in order to Share all of this interesting information about how to develop our health and life. Congratulations , YOUR ARE DOING A GREAT TASK with your prgram Dr. Oz.. GOD BLESS YOU!

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