Dr Oz Ultimate Shopping: Big Box Savings, Grocery Store & Dollar Deals


Dr Oz November 2 2012 Recap

This has been a day packed with items on Dr. Oz’s Ultimate Shopping List. He has given you a comprehensive cheat sheet to take with you every time you shop. Whether you are heading the grocery store and drugstore on one day and the health food store or big box store on the next, you can’t go wrong with this list that Dr. Oz put together with some of the best experts. While they are all must-have items, the ones you can buy at the dollar store are the ones that might be most important to the health and safety of your family. You might want to make that your first stop, especially since every item on that list only costs $1.

Dr Oz Ultimate Shopping List for Health Food Stores

The items on this list include a yummy snack to a product that comes from the dropped pollen of bees. Also included is one that might just bring back comforting childhood memories. Dr. Oz is even sharing his personal favorite, so check it out and see what he always has at his house.

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