Dr Oz: Chris Powell Low Carb Recipes: Breakfast Taco & Asian Wrap


Dr Oz: Chris Powell Low Carb Day Recipes

Dr.Oz and Chris Powell have already shared his recipes for your high carb day, so now it is time to move into the day of low carb recipes that will include more protein and healthy fats, but still leave you feeling full, satisfied, and filled with energy. This day is all about boosting your metabolism and burning fat! Eating carbs in your breakfast will give you just the right boost to get your body ready. Get the list of Chris Powell low carb recipes below.

Chris Powell’s Breakfast Taco/Breakfast Sandwich Recipe

4 egg whites (or a substitute)
3 Tomato slices
Sprinkle of herbs and spices like Mrs. Dash
½ Whole grain English muffin or Corn Tortilla
3 tablespoons salsa

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