Dr Oz: Valerie Bertinelli Recipes – Eddie’s Favorite Chicken Sambal


Dr. Oz and Valerie Bertinelli weight loss

Valerie Bertinelli’s Recipes – Eddie’s Favorite Chicken Sambal & Wolfie’s Marinated Lamb Chops!

Valerie Bertinelli: One Dish At A Time Review on Dr Oz

Dr. Oz and I both love the clever title of Valerie Bertinelli’s cookbook, One Dish at a Time. Valerie Bertinelli’s Cookbook inspiration came from watching her Mom and her Nonnie(her grandmother) prepare meals from scratch when she was a young girl. I wonder if she shared her take on Dr Oz’s Quinoa Recipe that she said inspired her so much! She adamantly shares this is not a diet book because there’s a wide range of food, healthy and indulgent.

Eddie’s Favorite Chicken Sambal in Valerie Bertinelli’s One Dish At A Time

One of her favorites is called Eddie’s Favorite Chicken Sambal, it’s a recipe she learned from her ex husband’s mother who was Indoesion/Dutch. It’s made with onions, chicken and spicy chiles. Valerie joked that it might give you a little gas, so don’t eat it in an enclosed space.  And guess what, we found her recipe to share with you!  Here is how you make her famous Eddie’s Favorite Chicken Sambal Recipe:

Eddie’s Favorite Chicken Sambal Recipe


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