Dr Oz: Tame Your Temper Quiz & Score Results with Dr Charles Sophy


Dr Oz: Stress Causes Premature Aging

Dr. Oz spent the first half of today’s show talking about the new diet craze known as Sensa. It is certainly a controversial product, but many people believe it works and some shared their weight loss results with Dr. Oz. Dr. Oz’s experts are not completely convinced and they all encourage everyone to eat a healthy diet filled with whole foods in order to have a long and successful life while meeting all of their diet and fitness goals. Now Dr. Oz wants to talk to you about your temper and offer advice as he asks: What’s Your Boiling Point? Tips to Tame Your Temper. While is is normal for our blood pressure to rise a little in stressful situations, Dr. Oz is concerned about the long term risks if this is a regular problem for people.

Dr Oz’s Tame Your Temper Quiz

Dr. Oz says your temper may be putting your health at risk, so he has a quiz you can take right now to see how your temper affects your body. You may be at risk for problems like high blood pressure, premature aging, or even a heart attack, so this is a quiz you may want to take. Dr. Charles Sophy, a psychiatrist, says that anger is an emotion you may not even realize you are carrying inside of you, but it can actually affect things like your sleep, your health, and your mood, having a huge affect on your life.

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