Dr Oz’s Hidden Camera Temper Test & How Stress Ages You 10 Years


Dr Oz: Stress Leads to Heart Disease

Dr. Oz dedicated the first half of his show today to the new diet craze known as Sensa. It is definitely a bit of a controversial product, but many people have claimed they lost weight by sprinkling Dr. Alan Hirsch’s powder over the foods they eat. Dr. Oz’s experts still are not convinced and hopefully this Dr. Oz Alert: Sensa – Sensation or Senseless has given you enough information to make the right decision for yourself and your personal weight loss journey. Find out how and why stress ages you, and what to do about it.

Dr Oz: Tame Your Temper

Stress Leads to Heart Disease

Dr. Oz says that stress is a regular part of life, but how handle it may be harmful to your body and putting you at risk for heart disease.

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