3 Supplements Dr Oz Would Never Take: Yohimbe & Lobelia

Doctor Oz did a show featuring 4 Supplements Every Woman Over 40 Needs, but he also gave a list of 3 Supplements To Never Take.  Some supplements contain ingredients that can hurt you, even though they might sound natural like geranium or kava.  Consumer Reports is publishing a list of 12 supplements that can be harmful to your health and cause loss of breath, heart problems, stroke and death.  Unfortunately, the FDA has a limited ability to regulate supplements.  3 Supplements to Avoid

Dr Oz’s 3 Supplements to Never Take

1.  Bitter Orange

Dr Oz said that $21 million of Bitter Orange was sold last year alone.  People think that Bitter Orange can relieve allergies and help them to lose weight.  However, Bitter Orange has similar properties to Ephedra, which was banned by the FDA in 2004 because it can cause strokes and even death.

2.  Lobelia or Asthma Weed

Dr Oz said that Lobelia or Asthma Weed is taken by people for asthma relief or for bronchitis.  However, Lobelia / Asthma Weed can cause your blood pressure to drop, it can cause you to go into a coma, and it can even cause death.

3.  Yohimbe

Dr Oz said that Yohimbe is most often used as an enhancement supplement.  There was $14 million in sales of Yohimbe last year alone.  Yohibe is used for love.  Yohimbe can cause your heart rate to raise, blood pressure to increase and the FDA has warned about adverse effects of Yohimbe for 20 years.  Sounds like Dr Oz and the FDA are both against the use of Yohimbe, which is good enough for me to never consider it!


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