5 Health Tests Men Need & Firefighter Diet


Doctor Oz’s show on 5 Health Tests Every Man Needs re-aired today, and it gave me a great reminder to check with my husband to see what health tests he still needs to do from Dr Oz’s list.  The 5 Health Tests All Men Need, according to Dr Oz, are the Self Testicular Exam, Prostate Exam, Guaiac Test (the “Poop Test”), Colonoscopy and Testosterone Test.  I am proud to say that my husband is up to date on all of his tests, including the Self Testicular Exam that he promises he did a week ago!  If you have a forgetful husband (like me), then what I do is I remind my husband to do his Self Testicular Exam the same day I do my Self Breast Exam.  5 Health Tests Men Need

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