Dr Oz’s 12 Healthy Days of Christmas


Dr Oz’s show today was called the 12 Healthy Days of Christmas – his take on the Christmas song called The Twelve Days of Christmas.  Doctor Oz offered a variety of fun holiday tips from a Hot Cocoa Face Mask to a simple substitute where you cut back on fat by replacing butter with pumpkin.  Dr Oz 12 Days of Christmas

Dr Oz’s 12 Healthy Days of Christmas:

Dr Oz’s 1st Healthy Day of Christmas: How to Fight Anxiety

Dr Oz’s first healthy day of Christmas tip was a way to fight anxiety by singing.  Stand up straight with your feet a shoulder’s width apart.  Then sing from your diaphragm because this helps you to relax your mind and arteries.  Plus, by trying to hit a certain pitch,  you improve your ability to focus.

Dr Oz’s 2nd Healthy Day of Christmas: Trim Back the Trimmings

Dr Oz’s second tip comes from the fact that Americans consume 600 extra calories every day between Thanksgiving and New Years.  If you replace one stick of butter with pureed pumpkin, then you save 87.5 grams of fat.  If you trim all of the skin off of your turkey, you also save an extra 50 grams of fat.

Dr Oz’s 3rd Healthy Day of Christmas: Prevent Slips & Falls

Dr Oz said that many people end up in the hospital from slips and falls during the holiday time.  The US Army recommends walking like a penguin over slippery surfaces to prevent slipping.  So, do the Penguin Walk!  Look down, waddle back and forth and spread your toes out.

Dr Oz’s 4th Healthy Day of Christmas: Ease Aches & Pains

Dr Oz said that with lower pressure in the atmosphere, people tend to feel more aches and pains in their joints.  This is where gingerbread houses should come to mind.  Eating ginger daily can help to reduce aches and pains.

Dr Oz’s 5th Healthy Day of Christmas: Hot Cocoa Face Mask

Dr Oz’s 5th tip was to keep your skin aglow with a Hot Cocoa Facial!  Dr Oz said that cocoa is rich in antioxidants that are very good for your skin. Dr Oz’s Cocoa Facial is made of cocoa, plain yogurt, honey and oatmeal powder.  Click here for the full recipe: Dr Oz’s Hot Cocoa Face Mask.

Dr Oz’s 6th Healthy Day of Christmas: Get Naughty With Your Spouse Poem

Here is the bit that I caught of Dr Oz’s Christmas Poem:

Dr Oz’s Christmas Poem: Twas The Night Before Christmas

Twas the night before Christmas


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