Dr. Oz: 28 Day Raw Food Challenge & Diet with Tyrone & Rocco The Cowboy


Doctor Oz introduced us to Rocco the Cowboy, a meat loving man who needed to reinvent his diet to save his heart and his life.  Rocco has inspired many of us to lose weight, like Tyrone, a bus driver who works 12 hour shifts and gained 60 pounds last year.  Tyrone is on high blood pressure pill and cholesterol medicine and is especially scared about getting a heart attack since that is what took his father’s life along with his brother and both grandmothers.  Tyrone struggles to even tie his shoes.  He has tried dieting before, but it only lasts about one day before he falls off the wagon and he never feels like working out.  His weight makes him feel unattractive, so he feels like he isn’t being the romantic man his wife deserves.

Tyrone’s Truth Tube Results:

Weight: 295 pounds

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