Dr Oz: 3 Health Tests Men Need & De-Stressing Hand Oil Recipe


IHateDrOz.com – Husbands vs Dr Oz

Men hate Dr Oz and here’s why; for years, Doctor oz has given health advice to their wives (like the 5 Health Tests Men Need) and, in turn, their wives “nag” their husbands into taking Dr Oz’s advice to live a longer, healthier life. (Ha! I love it!) It’s not that the husband’s hate the advice, they just hate it when their wives force feed it down their throats. Two men despise Dr Oz so much, they created www.Ihatedroz.com for other guys that don’t care to hear what shape Dr Oz says their poop should be.


  1. Maria says

    I just watched that episode tonight (catching up on our Dr Oz shows) and it is almond oil. I just couldn’t remember the other ingredient which was tarragon. Won’t be hand be greasy? Just curious as I wear contacts.

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