Dr Oz Accidental Overshares: What Statuses or Texts are Inappropriate?


Dr Oz: Accidental Oversharing

Dr Oz got women in his audience to open up about some of their most embarrassing stories. Then everyone else in the studio got to vote on whether this was an Overshare. But have you ever been guilty of an accidental overshare, letting the cat out of the bag on something you didn’t mean to broadcast?

Dr Oz Overshare Accident: Bedrock Facebook Status

Taleda talked about how she revealed something about her husband on their anniversary. (What’s up with these embarrassing anniversary stories?) She updated her Facebook status to say:

My husband & I are the original Flintstones – we like to make the bedrock!

She said she got caught up in the moment and didn’t feel bad about it until her daughter saw it on Facebook. That’s the risk you take being friends with your parents or children on Facebook. Dr Oz read some of the shocked and upsetting reactions from Taleda’s friends and family.


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