Dr. Oz: Annie & Post Pregnancy Belly Bulge Diet & Taco Recipe


Doctor Oz had Annie on his show 3 months ago, because she was struggling to lose the 60 pounds that she gained with her first baby.  Annie went from a size 6 to a size 16, and she wanted Dr. Oz to help her to lose her post pregnancy belly bulge!

So how did Annie do?  It has been just three months, and she has regained her confidence and she seems extremely happy.  Annie is a hair dresser and has encouraged the women she works with to lose weight with her.  One of Annie’s big tips is to find new ways to prepare the food you love.  For example, Annie loves tacos and now she makes a taco recipe out of fiber wraps, turkey and veggies.  Here are Annie’s Health Taco Recipe and Annie’s Breakfast Smoothie Recipe.

Annie’s Post Pregnancy Weight Loss Tips:

1.  Lose the Guilt, Gain the Muscle – put your kids to bed 30 minutes early and workout during that time.

2.  Get a Stationary Bike for Your House

3.  Make Your Family Part of Your Workout Routine – Annie exercises with Gavin (her son) and Eric (her husband)

Annie’s Truth Tube Results:

In just three months, look at how well Annie has done!


  1. Virginia says

    I wanna know HOW she lost the weight, not just a few recipes and buy an exercise bike. What was her daily routine, her daily menu, did she exclude everything or use portion control.
    Ridicules that Dr. Oz has these shows and doesn’t go into detail either on his show or on his website.
    If it was this easy to lose then we all would be slim and trim!

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