Dr Oz: Anti Aging in Your 40’s: Thermage & Hydroquinone


Doctor Oz said that by your 40’s you are usually confident and assured, but still pulled in all directions between your job, kids and aging parents.  You have no time for yourself, and you may find that your usual workout routine is just not working anymore.  Your face begins to resemble a road map with wrinkles, you get the turkey waddle under your chin by your neck and turkey flaps or loose skin under your arms. Doctor Oz: Thermage & Hydroquinone


  1. clare sutherland says

    I was reading about Hydroquinone and other web sites say it is very dangerous. Is this true ?

  2. says

    Clare, where did you read this? I would be interested in knowing more about Hydroquinone as well. I am not a doctor (just a massive fan of Dr Oz), so I can’t really speak to the safety of Hydroquinone. If in doubt, I’d get a second opinion from my doctor.

  3. Cher Hanks says

    I had Thermage four years ago. A month after the procedure I had divots, scars and huge pores. My skin used to be translucent and poreless. After all the hype on Opray about the benefits of Thermage my Dermatologist talked me into this since he said I was looking a little jowly. The fat loss in my face was beyond belief. I get injectibles to hold up my skin. Recently I had more injectibles and now they just disappear. Unless Thermage has changed I think someone should step forward and help the people who were damaged by Thermage, and there are a lot of them. Of course my doctor said, “Oh, you had acne.” Since when does acne cause your skin to sag, wrinkle and your face shape to change. No one should do this procedure to another person.

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