Dr Oz: Are Your Husband’s Bad Habits Making You Sick?


Doctor Oz did a segment on if your spouse’s bad habits could make you sick.  This is a very interesting question, and I cannot wait to tell my husband that Dr Oz is on my side… toilet seats must be put down! List of Husband's Bad Habits

Dr Oz’s List of Husband’s Bad Habits That Make You Sick

1.  He leaves the toilet seat up… my husband is so guilty of this!  Dr Oz said that when you flush the toilet with the toilet seat up, a plume of feces, urine and toilet water can shoot up to 20′ across the room.  This means, your toilet water could be getting on your toothbrush, your comb, your towels… yuck!  So before you flush the toilet, put the toilet seat down AND put the lid down as well.

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