Dr Oz: Best & Worst Herbal Supplements: Astragalus & Chondroitin

Dr Oz’s Best & Worst of 2010 included a list of the Best & Worst Herbal Supplements for Under $10.  Doctor Oz gave some great herbal remedies for migraines, arthritis and to boost your immunity. Dr Oz Herbal Supplements Under $10

Dr Oz: Feverfew: Best Herbal Supplement for Migraines

Dr Oz said that the best herbal supplement for migraines is Feverfew, which has an active compound that helps to east migraines.  A common misconception is that migraines can be eased by relaxing, but the problem with migraines is that it is all about blood vessels in your brain not reacting correctly.  Try taking 1200 mg/ day of Feverfew to treat migraines ($6).

Dr Oz: Chondroitin: Best Herbal Supplement for Arthritis

Dr Oz said that Chondroitin helps to reduce the swelling and minimizes the pain caused by Arthritis.  Take 1200 mg / day of Chondroitin ($9).  Dr Oz said that Arnica works well for muscles, but not for joint pain.

Dr Oz: Korean Red Ginseng

Dr Oz said that for women going through menopause, the best herbal supplement to boost your love is Ginseng.  In fact, Ginseng helps both men and women.  Dr Oz said to look for Korean Red Ginseng and to take 600 mg / day ($7 per bottle).  There are some possible drug interactions with Korean Red Ginseng, so as with all of these herbal supplements, check with your doctor before taking any of these.  Dr Oz said that Yohimbe is an herbal supplement that should not be used, because it increases your heart rate and your blood pressure.

Dr Oz: Astragalus: Best Herbal Supplement for Immunity

Dr Oz said that Astragalus has anti-viral properties that can help with upper respiratory infections and lower respiratory infections.  You can take 1200 mg/day of Astraglus.  Dr Oz also warned that you should never take DHEA, another herbal supplement, without first having your DHEA levels tested first.


  1. Connie Barber says

    What was the name of the Herbal tea that helps you sleep at night that you had on your show in Nov 2010. Also could you tell me when a doctor tells you that you have something because they saw it on a cats Scan. Then they do the scpoe and tell you there is nothing there the doctor called it a zenker’s.

    Hope you can help me out.
    Thank-You Connie Bareber

  2. Kay says

    Valarian tea I believe was the tea that helped you sleep at night.
    Check this out on his site.

  3. Ka Choy says

    Be aware that valerian is safe and has been used for centuries to promote a calm disposition and restful sleep, but some people have vivid dreams/nightmares when they take it. Use it only when you need it. Try chamomille tea as an alternative.

  4. Eddie Nettles says

    Dr. Oz from wactching your show I need to know is taking ASTRALGUS tablest is good for people have stress, because I’m hypertension. Please e-mail this information, or what you this think as a supplemment tablet (natural with no side effects) that will HELP on stress. PLEASE GIVE ME SOME FEEDBACK.


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