Dr. Oz: Bill Nye the Science Guy & Myth Busting Experiments

Dr. Oz busted myths with Bill Nye the Science Guy, TV show host of shows like Stuff Happens with Bill Nye.  Lets see if you know the truth behind these extreme experiments, otherwise Dr. Oz and Bill Nye will bust the myths for you too.

Lisa from NJ, lucky seat 100, was a very brave assistant of the day… and dressed in the same white outfits that Dr. Oz and Bill Nye wore.

Myth or True? Eating Chewy Mints After Diet Soda Explodes Your Stomach

Dr. Oz, Bill Nye and Lisa quickly unscrewed a two liter bottle of diet soda and dropped in a few chewy mints.  Sure enough, the soda shot up like a fountain and hit the ceiling.  But does this mean it would do the same thing in your stomach?  Dr. Oz had Lisa pour some diet soda into a pig’s stomach (through the esophagus) and then dropped in a few mints and sealed it off.  The stomach expanded quite a bit, but it didn’t explode… so this urban legend is a myth!  However, I wonder if your stomach feels more full after drinking diet soda and a few chewy mints, since your stomach fills up with gases… or maybe it just makes you look bloated (more likely).

Myth or True?  Nitrogen Clouds are Toxic

Dr. Oz and Bill Nye poured a bucket of warm water into 30 liters of liquid nitrogen (which is minus 325 degrees F).  A large cloud filled through Dr. Oz’s audience, and sure enough, they were fine so clearly nitrogen clouds aren’t toxic.  I would have guessed this to be the case, since theaters, movies and even haunted houses often use liquid nitrogen to do special effects.

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