Dr Oz: Black Cohosh, Jock Itch Remedy & Simethicone Burp Remedy


Dr Oz: Couples Embarrassing Questions

Dr Oz answered some couple’s most embarrassing questions on his Oz Gone Wild Show, where he spoke about 50 Embarrassing Questions that many of us face.  Does your husband have Smelly Feet? Does your wife snore at night?

Dr Oz: Jock Itch Remedy

Dr Oz’s first guest said that her husband is constantly “readjusting” himself below his belt.  Do you have a readjusting husband? Is your man always fixing himself in that area down there? This is natural in many men but if there is any itching, it may be bacteria and fungi (Jock Itch) because the area is dark and moist. Symptoms of jock itch include:


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