Dr Oz: Couples Challenge: How Much Do You Know About Your Partner?


As part of Dr Oz’s show today, he brought on two married couples to see just how much they knew about each other.  I am going to play this game with my husband tonight!  So women, why not think about the answers for the following list of questions, and see just how many of them your husband or partner gets right.  Don’t forget to report back with your results in the comment section…  Dr Oz Quiz

Dr Oz: How Much Do You Know About Your Partner?

1. What is the most sensitive part of your partner’s body?

Both men on Doctor Oz’s show got this question correct – one partner’s most sensitive spot was the neck and the other wife’s spot was her lower back.  You get a more fulfilling life by making sure you are in sync with your partner.

2.  When is the last time your partner slept-in?

Both of Dr Oz’s couples got this question right too.  One woman said her husband slept-in two days ago, and the other husband got it right but said it was a pure guess.

3. What is your partner’s favorite outfit?

One of Dr Oz’s couples got this right because he is a security officer during the day, so his wife would want him to dress up as a police officer with handcuffs.  The other woman wanted her husband to dress up as a handyman with a big tool belt, but he guessed a biker.


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