Dr Oz: Couples Challenge: How Well Does Your Spouse Communicate?


Dr Oz played a game called the Couples Challenge with two couples, because the number one complaint women have about men is that they just do not know how to communicate.  Doctor Oz asked two husband-wife teams a list of questions about life where communication is critical.  I suggest that all of us write down our answers to these questions and ask our spouse the exact same questions to see how well we are doing at communicating!

Dr Oz: How Well Do You Communicate With Your Spouse?

1.  What Is Your Wife’s Pet Name For You When She Shows You Affection?

Dr Oz said that his wife calls him Honey, which is the same pet name that another couple on the show Dr Oz Relationship Quizused.  The other couple used the name Pooty Bear.  Dr Oz said that affection lowers stress levels and couples who hug and hold hands have a lower rate of heart disease and blood pressure.

2.  What Causes the Most Arguments in Your Relationship?

Neither couple got this question right.  One husband thought they argue the most about financial matters and she said that they argue most about “The Score Sheet” which is their way of referring to the lists of what “I do vs. what you do.”  The other husband thought the answer was balancing social engagements but she said that they most often fight about not keeping each other filled in on whats going on (honestly, I would say that these are almost the same thing!).  Dr Oz said that arguing is good for a marriage and tends to keep couples together.  You even die earlier if you do not argue – who would have thought!

3.  How Many Romantic Things Did You Do For Your Wife Last Month?

One wife said he did 15 romantic things and he guessed only 4.  The other wife said that he did 1 romantic thing and he guessed 5.  Since the second husband went over, couple number one won!  Dr Oz’s prize was that he sent them on a second honeymoon to any Sandal’s Resort in Jamaica!  A luxury, all-inclusive vacation with round trip airfare – all sponsored by Sandal’s Resorts!

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