Dr Oz: Drew Manning: From Fat to Fit: The American Diet


Dr Oz: Drew Manning & The American Diet

In this segment, Dr Oz introduced Drew Manning, a personal trainer from Utah.  Drew stopped working out and eating healthy for 6 months.  For those 6 months, Drew consumed doughnuts, cinnamon rolls, and other high fat and unhealthy foods.  By week #6, he had gained 28 lbs.  For the next few months, Drew consumed noodles, cookies, pizza , burgers, you name it and he consumed it.  By week # 24, Drew weighed 264 lbs.  (You couldn’t pay me enough to do this!)  Don’t forget to read the recap at the following link to get the diet plan that Manning used to lose the weight: Drew Manning’s Diet Plan.

Dr Oz: American Diet

Doctor Oz had considered performing this experiment, but eventually decided against it because he was concerned about the toll it took on the body. Dr Oz Drew Manning Drew said that he undertook this experiment because he wanted to understand what it was like to be overweight.  He also wanted to create awareness of unhealthy American eat habits.  During the 6-month period, Drew consumed sugary cereals, juice, granola bars, sodas, chips, and cookies as well as unhealthy processed foods such as macaroni and cheese and Hot Pockets.



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