Dr Oz: Dryer Sheets Calm Dogs During Thunderstorms & Rain

Dr Oz: Pet Remedies

Dr Oz did a segment with Dr Marty Becker, America’s Vet, called Surprising Cures For Your Pet.  Dryer sheets can help to calm your dog during thunderstorms.  Here are some great tips that are must-reads for all dog owners!

Dr Oz: Dryer Sheets For Dogs During Thunderstorms

Dr Oz’s first question was if your dog gets stress and anxiety during thunderstorms, whatDr Oz Pet Remedies will help to calm him down: dryer sheets or a warm towel?  The answer is dryer sheets!  Marty Backer said that before the noise builds up during a thunderstorm, the static electricity builds up in your dog’s fur.  This is why dogs often go into a bathroom or into a bathtub during a storm, because they are trying to ground themselves.  Becker told Doctor Oz that we should use unscented dryer sheets on the dog’s back or in places where they cannot lick, because there are of course some chemicals in dryer sheets.

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