Dr Oz: Early Puberty at Age 7: What Causes Early Puberty in Girls?


Dr Oz did a show called “What’s Happening to Our Nation’s Girls?” where he discussed how girls are starting puberty as young as 7 years old.  I had heard that puberty was starting earlier and earlier, but I did not realize even 7 years old go through puberty sometimes.  Could early puberty be a warning sign for future women’s health issues?  Doctor Oz said an increasing number of girls are showing signs of puberty at age 7, and African American girls are even more likely to go through an Early Puberty.  What is causing this early puberty?  Could to be changes in our diet?  The obesity epidemic among our children?  Or chemicals found in suntan lotion, nail polish and makeup?  Going through puberty early may have serious medical consequences because that means a girl is exposed to estrogen for a longer period of time.  What can you do to protect your daughters? Dr Oz Consequences of Early Puberty

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