Dr Oz: EZ Weight Plate, PMD Personal Microderm System & Book of 40


Dr Oz’s Book Of 40:

Dr Oz’s show today was called “Dr Oz’s The Book Of 40: The Ultimate Guide to Surviving the Second Half of Your Life!”  In this segment, Dr Oz told us how to look and feel fabulous after the age of 40.  He used his dream team of doctors (who were themselves all over 40 years of age) to give suggestions on how to change your diet and what supplements women over 40 should take in order to feel healthy and look great.


  1. Charlie says

    Dr. Oz. My wife and I are both overweight. We live in Rhode Island. Can you tell me where I can purchase the Weight Plate in my area?

  2. says

    Hello! I would like to post that you can purchase the GABA Super Antioxidant Cream directly from the manufacturer – Platinum Skin Care Inc. This GABA wrinkle cream is geared towards normal-oily skin types. They have the Derma Snap 8L for normal-dry skin types. BOTH are neuro-peptides, which aid in slowing down the muscle contractions in the facial area. Best results after a couple of weeks or months, as the ingredient builds up in the tissues.

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