Dr Oz: Gel Manicures Cause Skin Cancer?


Dr Oz: Gel Manicure Bad For You?

We have all seen and heard of gel manicures.  They seem relatively harmless, right?  Or wrong!  Dr Oz is going to do a show on the safety (or lack there-of) of Gel Manicures.  Could these popular manicures be hurting your health?  Is it possible that Gel Manicures cause Skin Cancer even?  These are all questions that we want to know before trying these gel manicures at-home or at the salon.

Dr Oz: Gel Manicures At-Home

My question is, which is worse for you – a gel manicure at home?  Or a Gel Manicure at a salon?  Intuition makes it seem like the salon manicures have to use stronger chemicals, and therefore they have to be worse for you, no?  That was my first guess, but after researching the topic further, I saw that the Skin Cancer concerns come from the UV light used after the manicure is done to “cure” the nailpolish and gel.  Just like you can get Skin Cancer from tanning beds or from the sun, some doctors are concerned that you can get skin cancer from these fingernail UV lights.  However, it seems like the At-Home Gel Manicures get cured using an LED light rather than a UV light, so perhaps they are still the safer option.



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