Dr Oz: Ginger Scrub Remedy & Ginger Health Benefits

Dr Oz: Ginger Remedies

Dr Oz said that Ginger has been used in Chinese and Indian Medicine forever, because it has an amazing power to keep us healthy.  Doctor Oz’s Assistant-Of-The-Day, Patrina from seat 8, said that she drinks Ginger Tea everyday with a tsp of honey, because she knows that it is supposed to be good for you. Dr Oz went over a whole list of ways that Ginger is good for your health, such as it improves your blood flow, decreases your LDL Cholesterol, soothes indigestion and nausea, and makes your skin glow when you make a Ginger Scrub Home Remedy.  Ginger comes in many forms including Ginger Powder, whole ginger, Dried Ginger, Pickled Ginger, Preserved Ginger, Crystallized Ginger and there is even a Ginger Plant.

Dr Oz: Ginger Improves Circulation

Dr Oz said that the first benefit of Ginger is that it improves your circulation so that your blood flows better throughout your body.  As we get older, we Dr Oz Ginger Scrubtend to get Blood Clots that can cause Heart Attacks and Strokes.  Ginger helps to thin out your blood so that you are less likely to form Blood Clots.  In addition, Ginger helps to reduce your LDL Cholesterol naturally (which is the bad cholesterol found in our bodies).  Doctor Oz suggested that it is ideal to eat 1/4″ of raw ginger.

Dr Oz: Ginger Helps Nausea & Indigestion

Dr Oz said that Ginger also helps with an upset stomach, indigestion and nausea.  If you are a woman who has been pregnant recently and who experienced nausea, I am sure that you read that Ginger helps to relieve nausea during pregnancy as well… although I cannot say that it helped me one bit at all personally!  Doctor Oz suggested making your own Ginger Tea by slicing off small pieces of ginger and letting them soak in warm water.  You can add nutmeg or cardamom to your Ginger Tea to make it taste even better.

Dr Oz: Ginger Antioxidant Scrub

Doctor Oz’s final piece of advice was to use ginger to keep your skin beautiful, because ginger is a great exfoliator for your skin.  An exfoliator that is full of antioxidants is like a double whammy for your skin!  It can even help to protect your skin against the free radicals that the sun exposes you to.  All you have to do is combine ginger, epsom salt and lime juice.  Click here for the full recipe: Dr Oz Ginger Scrub.


  1. Joe says

    I read a publication by Uni of MD that shows the same thing as Dr. Oz says — improving blood flow. I think its mechanism of action is similar to Asprin. Here’s how I do it. My breakfast is a bowl of soup made from a mixture of at least 5 grains and 5 beans plus dried jujube and dried goji berries. I grind fresh gingers and store them in small bottles in the freezer. Every week, I thaw one bottle and put a tsp of the ground ginger into my soup. I feel great. Even my dentist noticed that my blood flows different than others and asked whether I took any medication like asprin. I said no, but i eat a lot of ginger.

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