Dr Oz Hair Color Health Predictions: Parkinson’s & Skin Cancer

Doctor Oz said that your hair color can give some insights into your future health.  So what type of Health Predictions can Hair Color warn us about?  What hair color is prone towards Parkinson’s Disease, Macular Degeneration, Skin Cancer and Hair Loss?  Hair Color Health Indicators

Brunette’s Bald & Hair Thinning

Dr Oz said that if you have brown hair, you are more likely to get hair loss, hair thinning and balding.  The reason for this is because each individual strand of hair tends to be thicker for people with brown hair, but you tend to have less strands (around 10,000 strands for a brunette).  So since you have fewer hairs, even if you just lose a few hairs, you can look like you are balding.  I wonder if this is also true for people with black hair?  And if you have light brown hair, does this apply less to you?  Just to be safe, everyone should eat extra iron like tuna and fortified oatmeal to make sure to keep your hair from thinning.

Red Head & Parkinson’s Disease

Dr Oz said that Red Heads are 90% more likely to get Parkinson’s Disease.  However, the plus side is that Red Heads get more love because people tend to think they are fiery!  Dr Oz suggested taking folic acid to help slow down Parkinsons disease.  You can get folic acid through beans, asparagus or a multi-vitamin with 4 mg of folic acid in it.  Apparently, there may be a DNA mutation that leads to red hair color that may also do something to your brain, but scientists are not totally sure about the connection just yet.  Also, it seems like red heads might have more pain at the dentist and so they should take an Ibuprofen before going to the dentist.  When I heard about this, I did a bit of research and read an article on Fox News that said that Novocain might night work as well on Redheads (here is the article if you are interested).

Blondes & Macular Degeneration & Skin Cancer

Dr Oz said that Blondes are more likely to get Macular Degeneration and Skin Cancer.  So if you are a blonde, you should eat lots of kale, spinach and snow peas to give your eyes lots of nutrients, and avoid melanoma and skin cancer by wearing a zinc oxide sunblock with spf 30.

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