Dr Oz: Health Myths: Wet Hair Makes You Sick, Cracking Knuckles & More


Dr Oz’s Most Explosive Health Myths Ever

Dr Oz went coast-to-coast to find out which health myths you believe.  Dr Oz answered such myths as “Can you go blind from sleeping in socks” and “Does smoking make you shorter?”  (Both answers are no, btw!) 

Dr Oz: Medical Myths

A few other myths that were asked and answered included, “Will you get sick if you go out in the rain during your period?” and “Can walking barefoot on marble floors cause varicose veins?” Both answers were no.

Does Chicken Soup Cure Colds?

Angie, an audience member, told Dr Oz that her mom made it for her when she was sick and now she makes it for her children.  Angie believed that the sodium in the chicken broth helped replenish lost liquids.  Is this true or is it a myth?


  1. Rhonda Green says

    My husband and I are in an Argument. Please tell us whether it is Fact or Fiction, If you run around on the cold floors in the winter time bare footed, You will catch a cold, or you will become sick. I tell him that I read some where it was false , He swears that it’s true. Please Help.

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