Dr Oz: Heart Attack 4 Week Plan: Prevent a Heart Attack in 28 Days


Dr Oz did a segment called 28 Days to Prevent a Heart Attack.  1300 people in America will die today – and every day – from a Heart Attack.  Doctor Oz brought us a new 28 Day Challenge for Heart Attacks to teach us to change our habits that will stop Heart Disease dead in its tracks.

Dr Oz: 28 Day Heart Attack Challenge

Dr Oz said that Heart Attacks are the #1 cause of deaths in America.  Every 35 seconds, someone has a heart attack, and Dr Oz 28 Days to Prevent A Heart Attackonce a minute someone dies from one.  Dr Oz brought on three ladies – one lady had her first heart attack at the age of 32, another one lost half of her family to Heart Attacks, and the third lady is scared that she will have a heart attack.  The good news is that with Dr Oz’s Ultimate Lifesaving Plan, we can reduce our chances of getting Heart Disease by over 90%.

Dr Oz: 28 Days To Prevent A Heart Attack

For this segment, Dr Oz was joined by a woman’s heart disease specialist, Dr Lori Mosca, a Preventative Cardiologist at New York Presbyterian Columbia, and Laura Altman, a Physician’s Assistant at New York Presbyterian Columbia.  Dr Oz asked Dr Lori Mosca if it is true that Heart Disease is one of the most preventable of all diseases.  Dr Mosca said that it really is true and that 90% of Heart Disease Risk comes from 5 risk factors: high blood pressure, high cholesterol levels, smoking cigarettes, your age, and your gender.  The last two cannot be changed, but we have a great deal of influence over the first three risk factors.  In fact, in the last 20 years, we have cut the death rate from Heart Attacks in half by taking action on the first three risk factors.

Dr Oz: How to Prevent a Heart Attack

Dr Oz: Keep Your Arteries Clean

Dr Oz said that the first thing you can do to prevent a Heart Attack is to keep your arteries clean.  Prevent plaque and clots from forming.  By not exercising and eating poorly, you cause an increase in fat in your blood that leads to plaque buildup which leads to clots.

Dr Oz: Strengthen Your Heart

Dr Oz said that the second thing you can do to prevent a Heart Attack is to Strengthen Your Heart by reducing your cholesterol levels and living a healthy lifestyle.

Dr Oz: Lower Your Blood Pressure

Laura Altman said that 99% of patients who have Heart Attacks also have high blood pressure.

Dr Oz: Reduce Stress

Stress is a double whammy.  Acute Stress can cause physical damage to your arteries.  Chronic Stress leads to Depression, Social Isolation, and not enough exercise.

Dr Oz: Heart Attack Prevention Plan

Dr Oz: Week 1: Artery Maintenance

Dr Oz said that during the first week, it is all about Artery Maintenance.  Add 2 TB of Flaxseed Oil to your breakfast.  For example, if you eat oatmeal, you can just mix in the flaxseed oil, which helps it loosen up blood vessels and keeps your blood from clumping together.  Also, start taking 2 baby aspirin with a big glass of water (the water is key!) before bedtime.  The third thing to start doing this week is 10 minutes of stretching before you leave in the morning.  By stretching out your muscles, you arteries become 30% less stiff too!  You can do simple stretches like leaning forward to touch your toes.  Lie down on your stomach and push your body up with your head towards the sky and then roll your body down and arch your back with your butt up in the air.

Dr Oz: Week 2: Challenge Your Heart

Dr Oz said that the second week you want to get your heart rate up by doing things like climbing stairs for 7 minutes a day.  Studies show that you can reduce your Heart Attack Risk by 1/3 if you get your heart rate up.  Put a pedometer on if that helps to encourage you, because a pedometer will count exactly how many steps you take every day.  Another option is to take a brisk walk for 20 minutes every day.

Dr Oz: Week 3: Lower Your Blood Pressure

Dr Oz said that you should add three servings of fruit to your diet to help reduce your cholesterol.  Make meat the side dish at your meals and the veggie should be the entree.  Dr Oz said there was a study called The China Study that found that there is a huge reduction in Heart Attack Risk in China from eating a diet like this.

Dr Oz: Week 4: Reduce Stress

Dr Oz said that you must reduce your stress this week.  Pick up the phone and call someone that you care about and reconnect with people you have lost touch with.  Make 2 social calls per week.  Also, once a week, you should have a social visit with people.


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