Dr Oz Holistic Health Overhaul 28 Day Plan: Yogi Cameron Alborzian

Dr Oz was joined by Yogi Cameron Alborzian to discuss a 28 Day Holistic Health Overhaul Plan.  Doctor Oz said that this Holistic Health Overhaul can help anyone who is tired, stressed out, or wants to improve their health in just 28 days.

Dr Oz: Holistic Health Overhaul Plan

Dr Oz: Hot Water Breakfast & Tongue Health

Yogi Cameron said that the stomach is where your health begins, because it burns off toxins and churns the food.  So, Week 1 is a Detox & Diet week.  What you put into your body is the most important thing, so protect this at all costs.  For example, look at your tongue in the Dr Oz Holistic Planmorning.  The more white coating that you see on your tongue, the more toxins you have in your body.  Yogi Cameron told Dr Oz that hot water is a great way to begin your day because it massages your body so that it awakes gently, rather than slapping your kidneys with coffee.  Also, this week you will stop eating what Yogi Cameron calls Sub-Foods or Derivative Foods like potato chips, frozen meals, sugary drinks, etc.  Instead, eat foods that come straight from the ground like beans, fruits, and vegetables.  Dr Oz asked what should people do who have trouble with this transition?  Yogi Cameron said that you can drink some Chamomile Tea to calm down your nervous system, but hot water is really the best.  He said that some people are not even hungry after they drink their hot water!

Dr Oz: Energy Boosting Yoga Position

Dr Oz said that Week 2 is called Boost Energy.  An energetic imbalance makes you feel like you do not have energy.  Yogi  Cameron said that energy boosting is really about energy conserving.  When you come home, sit down for a moment and close your eyes to help regain energy – it is not about drinking coffee.  Yogi Cameron said that instead you can kneel on a yoga mat and lean forward to touch your forehead to the mat.  Breathe gently and squeeze your stomach to release your emotions.

Dr Oz: Ghee Moisturize Nostrils & Inhale Salt Water

Dr Oz said that Week 3 is called Reduce Stress.  You are out all day and get stress in your eyes, ears, mouth, nose, and ears which are all connected.  Clean out your nostril by breathing in salt water into both of your nostrils (one at a time).  Then, moisturize the inside of your nostrils with Ghee or Clarified Butter, which has calming nutrients.

Dr Oz: Tulsi Tea to Fight Pain

Dr Oz said that Week 4 of the 28 Day Holistic Health Overhaul is all about fighting aches and pain.  Do not eat late at night, because this brings joint pain and stiffness to your body.  Drink Tulsi Tea, which is great for your immune system and helps to calm down your nervous system.


  1. Yvonne says

    I am watching his TV show right now and think he is right-on. I find this fascinating and wonder why we all don’t practice this way of life more. It just makes sense. It’s a mind set!!!

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